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Jen is known for their belief in everyday aesthetics to create authentic, sensible yet quirky designs.

In my artistic journey, I blend a belief in everyday aesthetics with a deep exploration of societal influences on body image. Known for creating authentic yet quirky designs, I'm committed to simplifying everyday life through art. My work delves into the impact of social media on body ideals, using glass and drawing to highlight the pressures society imposes. Through transparency and fragility motifs, I aim to inspire young minds as an art teacher, advocating for creativity's role in preserving the fine arts.

Artist CV

Jennifer Marie Torres

Lives and works in the Metro-Charlotte Area


2017 BFA, Sculpture/ Drawing, New Jersey City University


2017 Not Truly Yours, VAB Gallery at New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ

2017 UnApologetic!, web-based

2017 JCast: Alchemy, _Gaia Studio, Jersey City, NJ

2016 Selfie: Us and Them, _Gaia Studio at LIPS, Newark,NJ

2016 Tempo:Beats per Minute, JCast, _Gaia Studio, Jersey City, NJ

2016 Embodymyths, _Gaia Studio, Jersey City, NJ


2016 Gaia Wonder Women Residency, Jersey City, NJ


Yoga Teachers Assistant, May 2021 - July 2022
All Round Wellness Journeys, LLC | Lodi, NJ

Art Therapy Assistant, August 2015
Cerebal Palsy of North Jersey | East Orange , NJ

Fair Assistant,  March 2015

Affordable Art Fair | New York City, NY

Fair Assistant, March 2015

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair | New York City, NY

Audience Advocate, June - July 2014
Kara Walker's "Sugar, Baby"

CreativeTime | New York City, NY


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